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Fernanda Lara 6thB


Education for me and for many more is one of the most important key things in life; people (most of the time our parents) tell us it is an obligation and that we should comply with homework and projects, that is why the majority of students do not like going to school besides the fact that we have to wake up very early.

But what we do not see is that school is so much more than that, because you do not only learn the basics for life such as reading and writing, for example, an illiterate person may have difficulties coping with various life aspects such as not even being able to do a check list for the supermarket. But you also learn how to build up relationships with people and reinforce your values, that is the side of education we do not usually see.


Education makes the biggest of differences in every community and society, it is shown  in the smallest things such as respecting a traffic light, but it can get as important and drastic as the level of job opportunities.

In my opinion the most important aspect of education is that we are teaching the next generation (as well as learning in my case), we have to think further because otherwise the changes we need to make will not be made, but more importantly we need to prepare ourselves for the issues this next generation might face, we do not know what those are yet but my point is that we have to be ready by thinking about how life might be in a few years time.


In my experience I can say that education has to start being more open and personalized for each student because we do not have the same abilities and learning capacity. I have been in two different systems; a traditional one for 15 years and a much more open and independent one (CCH) for a year and a half, and let me tell you that this last year has opened my mind so much and it has given me the opportunity to get to know myself better as well as being able to see the actual difference it makes to have a system that makes you think inside the box all the time making summaries out of a power point presentation, working with a teacher who is not being permitted to explain things his/her own way and giving an actual lecture instead of being treated like primary schoolers rather than having the contrary philosophy for education in CCH in which you REASON.


The system is not fully designed for it to adapt to each and every single student because it obviously is extremely hard, but this school has found a way to teach as many students as possible having “coaching” and “integration” giving people a chance towards learning and adapting. And I can tell you it works not because I have been there but because my cousin has since she was little, she has been helped out in many ways; ways that not every school could have.


Finally I would like to add that whatever you do, find the way of learning you like the most, education is more than solving books and wondering if it is actually useful because IT IS and one day you might regret not listening to what your teachers said.