Thank you Mazenod

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I have spent my whole life studying at Mazenod, so this is really the only experience I know and it has been a great experience, but now it is coming to an end.


At Mazenod I have met a lot of very important people to me, and although I don’t have a lot of close friends, I feel like I met a lot of great people who are going to achieve very important things in life. Here I met some of the closest people to me, such as Daniel Pontones, who has been my best friend for the most part of my life and I feel I can trust him with anything and he’ll be there for me. Here I also met Ricardo Rosas, Juan Pineda, Rodrigo Recio, Gerardo Rojas and Mauricio Rodriguez, who are my greatest friends, even though I have known some for very short time.


Academically, I owe a lot to Mazenod, everything I have achieved I have to thank this school, for example, I now see English as a tool and it is an important part of the things I can do now, and probably if I hadn’t been so long at Mazenod, I would just see it as another assignment, or I would see Math as a load, or the assignment that nobody likes, instead of being such a beautiful thing, something so logical and perfect, that besides is going to be useful later in my life.


Also at Mazenod I have learnt the importance of helping others and working together to achieve a goal. For example, at first, when I helped people with their homework or when I helped them understand a topic they found difficult, I would think of it as a load, that it had no point, now I have found a certain pleasure in it and sometimes I even dedicate 2 hours of my day exclusively to help others understand and I like the feeling when someone understands a topic thanks to you.


Álvaro Aguilar Charfen