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Sharing from students


Here are some sharings for the English blog by 1st A students.     (7th grade)

Can you relate?

“I am a new student in 7th grade. I was very nervous and shy the first day, but soon I joined my classmates during recess and they introduced me to all the other kids. Now I have a lot of friends and the teachers are awesome.” – Carlo Berumen 1st A


“I am very happy to be in this school and excited because I am with my favourite friends. I was nervous at the beginning but now that I have met all my teachers I have found they are amazing, some are strict and some are more relaxed. M friends and I have Mazenod in our hearts.” –Alexa García, 1st A


“My first day in Junior High, I was nervous because it is so different from elementary where you have two teachers and in Junior High we have 13. In these two weeks I have got new friends and I like all the subjects so far. I love this school.”  Emiliano González 1st. A


“I was so nervous the first day.Everything is different from elementary and new to me, new school, new friends and new topics. Now I have 13 different subjects with 13 different teachers. I think this stage is the best of all because we are not kids anymore, we are teenagers and because I am at Mazenod.” – Isaac Ronquillo 1st A


Thank you guys for your sharings. Get ready for new adventures!