Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates love. It is celebrated on February 14th. The day is widely celebrated in the United States, but is not a federal holiday. It is also celebrated in other areas of the world.

Children around the world celebrate the day as well with cards of friendship and candies.

Adult Couples generally celebrate the day with gifts and going out to dinner. Traditional gifts include cards, flowers and chocolates.

Fun facts about Valentine’s Day

  • Around 190 million cards are sent on this day making it the second most popular holiday to send cards after Christmas.
  • If you include cards given at school and handmade cards, the number of Valentine’s exchanged is estimated to be nearly 1 billion. Because so many students give cards, teachers receive the most cards of any profession.
  • Around 85% of Valentine’s cards are purchased by women. 73% of flowers are purchased by men.
  • The oldest love poem is said to be written on a clay tablet by the Ancient Sumerians over 5,000 years ago.
  • Around 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate will be given as gifts on Valentine’s Day.
  • Millions of pet owners buy gifts for their pets on this day.

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